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When you talk to your grandparents, they might ask you to repeat yourself a few times or say it louder. This is because their level of hearing is getting worse and it’s harder for them to hear.

Hearing begins to worsen quickly after the age of 55. It will be harder for them to hear higher pitched noises and they will begin to have trouble separating the sounds they want from background noise such as traffic or a TV playing.

Each person has hair cells in their ears which help them hear. As people get older, these cells get damaged or die and can't be replaced by other cells. This means that the person’s hearing worsens.

Some older adults eventually need hearing aids. These are little devices that go behind their ears which increase the sounds around the person so that the person can hear them more clearly.

what you can do to help them

1. Encourage them to schedule regular checkups with the doctor.

2. Make sure they use earplugs around loud noises to prevent more cells from being damaged.


Vision begins to worsen as adults get older. This is normal and it’s called presbyopia. The eyes can’t seem to focus on close objects or small print and it gets worse overtime. This happens because the lens in the eye becomes stiffer.

Vision Treatment
There are several ways to treat eye problems and regain clear vision!
1. Glassesglasses by hatalar205 - A simple glasses clipart

2. Laser surgery for the eyes: This fixes the cornea shape (the part of the eye that when changes shape, causes blurriness) so that it’s not blurry anymore

what you can do to help them
Remind them to wear sunglasses or a hat