Shrinking Title

As you grow taller and taller each year, you may begin to think that your grandparents are shrinking. We don’t mean shrinking like Alice in Wonderland! We just mean getting a bit shorter. Well if it looks like they shrunk a lot, it’s probably because you’ve growing way taller! Adults do shrink, but only about 2 inches and this happens over a long period of time, maybe 10 years or so, usually stopping by the time they are 80 years old.

This type of shrinking may be due to several reasons.


 1. The cartilage between the joints become worn down so there’s less of it to give the body height.

Cartilage is the tissue in between your bones that makes sure the bones don’t rub against each other. Over time, cartilage loses water and doesn’t cushion the bones as well. This makes it easier for the cartilage to get injured and form arthritis.

2. Osteoporosis, a condition where bone loss, leading to weaker, more easily broken bones which may lead to a stooped posture. For more information, click here


You probably won’t notice that they’ve gotten shorter and it’s not dangerous, so don’t worry!