Social Isolation

A person becomes socially isolated when he or she becomes cut off from everyone they know and they don’t go out. Basically it means they become completely alone. This could happen both purposely or accidently.
I mean, if you didn’t have any friends or family to talk to, it would be horrible right?
Scientific studies have shown that isolated people have a greater chance of getting sick and dying earlier than people who have family and friends.

Why do older adults sometimes become socially isolated?
People isolate themselves for several reasons.

1. Health: Some older adults believe that their own health is really bad. They are embarrassed to go out and see other people because of the changes to their bodies or they are afraid other people might talk about or judge them.  

2. Deaths: As adults grow older, more people they know begin to pass away. They may lose their spouse or close family and friends. This means the adults have less people they know or that they can talk to.

3. Living alone: Some older adults may live alone if the person they’re married to, passes away or they live in a nursing home. Their children may not visit them very frequently or they have a disability so they can’t move around very well. It may be harder for them to go outside to talk to other people.

1. Encourage them to participate in activities, whether it’s joining a community club, volunteer work, etc. if they can! Then they can meet more people and socialize.

2. Visit them! They may not be willing to admit that they’re lonely but they’ll be glad to see you! Even something as simple as going on a walk or hanging out in the park can go a long way.