Teeth loss

For kids, losing teeth is fun! You get to watch a new permanent tooth grow back in place and hopefully get money from the tooth fairy.

But if a permanent or adult tooth falls out, then what? No other teeth can grow back into its place. You may have seen older adults with lots of missing teeth. If all the teeth fall out, the person is going to need something called dentures. Dentures are frames or plates which hold fake teeth. They can be removed from the mouth and are used so that the person can eat and talk properly.

Why do permanent teeth fall out?
1. Poor oral hygiene: Not brushing or flossing well can lead to the food still being on the teeth and lead to rotting teeth.

2. Poor diet: Eating only unhealthy food such as candy and chips can make your teeth black and rotten. EW.

3. Bad habits: This could include only brushing once a night or not flossing which leaves a higher chance for problems with the teeth.  

4. Irregular or no dentist checkups: Dentists are the ones that know the most about your teeth and are the best people to help make sure the teeth stay healthy.

It’s not necessary to lose adult teeth. With proper care, they will all still be in place when you’re 60, 70 or even 80 years old!

what you can do to help them
1. Encourage them to floss and brush their teeth

2. If they have dentures, remind them to wash and clean them each time they’re done using it.

3. Make sure they make appointments with the dentist regularly. Dentists are professionals and are the best people to make sure you don’t lose any adult teeth!