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內容:(1)自行填寫網上問卷 及(2)在實驗室進行多項簡單體能測試


  • 若參加者完成後續實驗,將會再次獲取交通津貼港幣500元正



  1. 沒有參加第一階段 (2021年7月至8月) 研究

  2. 65歲或以上

  3. 並非在院舍居住

  4. 能獨立完成簡單體能測試 (包括平衡力測試、步行24米、站立坐下、手握肌力測試)

  5. 沒有確診骨質疏鬆症

  6. 沒有進行過脊椎、膝蓋、臀部、或腳踝關節手術


名額有限,有興趣參加者,請掃瞄QR code或於連結(報名。研究助理將會致電合資格參與實驗的人士作跟進。

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如有任何查詢,歡迎與張小姐聯絡 (電話: 9419-0836 / 2831-5175,電郵:,謝謝!


 **是項研究已經香港大學研究操守委員會審查和批核。如閣下想知道更多有關研究參與者的權益,請聯絡香港大學研究操守委員 (電話: 2241-5267)。

Hello! We are inviting you to participate in our 2nd phase of “Intelligent Robotics for Elderly Assistance in Hong Kong” project that are jointly organized by the University of Hong Kong and City University of Hong Kong. This project aims to develop an intelligent robotics-enabled elderly assistive device for improving users’ mobility and manipulability. Participants will have a potential total of HKD 1,000 cash.


Details of the 1st experiment:

Content: (1) fill in a self-administered online questionnaire and (2) attend a series of physical performance tests in the lab

Time: From April 2022 to August 2022

Duration: 3 hours

Venue: Room 305, Level 3, Block A, Cyberport 4

Transportation allowance: HKD 500

  • If participants complete the follow-up experiment, they can receive a transportation allowance of HKD 500


Participants Requirements:

  1. Did not participate in the 1st phase (July and August 2021) study

  2. Aged 65 or above

  3. Not living in nursing homes or care homes

  4. Able to complete physical performance tests (e.g., balance test, 4m walking test, sit-to-stand test, and hand grip test) independently


How to Participate:

First come, first served. Register via the QR code or the link ( Research assistant will contact eligible applicants via phone.

PR12 - QR.png


For enquiries, please contact Ms. Caprice Cheung via phone (Tel: 9419-0836 / 2831-5175) or email ( Thank you!

*All personal information we will collect from you will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used for research purposes. All data containing personal identifiers will be kept for 5 years after publication of the first paper arising from research project and all anonymized data will be kept for 10 years after publication of the first paper arising from the research project.

 **This study has been reviewed by, and received ethics clearance through, the Research Ethics Committee, The University of Hong Kong. If you have questions about your rights as a research participant, contact the Research Ethics Committee, The University of Hong Kong (Tel: 2241-5267).

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