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Dr. MAI, Chunyan

Post-doctoral Fellow

Dr. MAI, Chunyan

Dr. Mai is a researcher in psychology and gerontology, mainly focusing on meaning in life, views on aging and health-related outcomes, as well as ageism. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2014 as well as a Master’s degree in Developmental and Educational Psychology in 2018 from South China Normal University. She completed her Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Psychology from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2022. During her Ph.D. study, her research interests lie in the cross-cultural comparison of judgments of attitudes towards aging, how people views of their own aging process, and attitudes toward older age groups. During her Ph.D. periods, she also participated in research projects involving (a) Psychological empowerment of dance for middle and older adults in Hong Kong; (b) age stereotypes in People’s Daily across time (from 1945 to 2021 ): quantitative text analysis of word embedding. Currently, she is enrolled in an interdisciplinary research project, which mainly focuses on user evaluation and developing assistant robotics for older adults in Hong Kong who have risks of sarcopenia.



(852) 2831 5202

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