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3+1 Impacts



We engage in significant and extension collaboration with many top institutions overseas and in mainland China:

  • interRAI HK Team

  • Multilateral consortium for the Global Ageing Research Partnership funded by Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange

  • Gatekeep Project funded by European Commission

  • Collaboration with Singapore University of Social Sciences on research, advocacy and training of future leaders in gerontology

  • Knowledge Partner of Living, Learning and Earning Longer formed by AARP International

  • Professional and academic exchange with tertiary institutions in mainland China, Asia, North America and Europe


We develop innovations on study designs, methodologies and interventions, target group diversity to understand and address problems faced by today’s rapidly ageing population.


We join hands with experts from multiple disciplines and professions to broaden the interdisciplinarity of our studies.

 Apart from social sciences and gerontology, our project team members come from disciplines of biomedical engineering, clinical psychology, computer sciences, digital health, engineering, exercise and health, family medicine and primary care, information technology, kinesiology, mechanical engineering, medicine, neurology, nursing, orthopaedics and traumatology, rehabilitation science, speech and hearing science, urban planning.


We conduct impact-oriented and policy advocacy studies, capacity building training for professionals, all contributing to social impact in advancing the wellbeing of older people and their families.


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