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About the Centre


The Sau Po Centre on Ageing is a leading research centre on gerontology in greater China and in the Asian Pacific region. The Centre was officially launched in April 1999 under the auspices of the Faculty of Social Sciences of The University of Hong Kong. With an endowment from Mr. Kwok Sau-po, the Centre was renamed the Sau Po Centre on Ageing in 2002.


Through research, education and knowledge exchange activities, the Centre is enhancing the quality-of-life of older people in China, overseas Chinese societies and in the Asian Pacific region.  In particular, we hope to achieve optimal independency of older adults at the individual and family levels; and to foster an age-friendly environment in both community and organizational levels.  The objectives of the Centre include:-


  1. to build the University’s research capacity in the studies of long-term care policy, age-friendly city, ageing-in-place, meaningful ageing, active and healthy ageing, and social determinants of well-being;

  2. to conduct ageing research that focuses on evidence-based interventions and policies which are empowerment-oriented, family-based and culturally sensitive; and contributes to synergistic and high impact knowledge;

  3. to form a partnership with our seniors and community stakeholders to create valuable social impacts on our local community; and

  4. to exchange knowledge with international scholars in the field of gerontology.

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