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Campus Ageing Mix Project for University Students (CAMPUS)


Bridging and Empowering Older and Younger Generations at HKU


Geron-Infusion Education (GIE) is an initiative jointly developed and implemented by The University of Hong Kong under the “Campus Ageing Mix Project for University Students” (GIE- CAMPUS) and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University under the “Infusion Active Ageing Education” project (GIE- IAAE), and initiated and funded by ZeShan Foundation, from present to July, 2020.


Project CAMPUS is run by the Sau Po Centre on Ageing under Faculty of Social Sciences.

The Chinese translation for Geron-Infusion Education is 齡活學堂. At The University of Hong Kong, this project may be advertised by the Chinese name 齡活學堂- CAMPUS.

Project Leaders

  • Prof Ian Holliday

  • Prof William Hayward

  • Prof Vivian Wei-Qun Lou

  • Ms Annie Chen

  • Prof Daniel Wing-Leung Lai

  • Prof Nancy Morrow-Howell

  • Prof Christine Meng-Sang Fang, BBS, JP



Institutional Partner


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Technological Support

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