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District-based Caregiver Support Units Project


Partner Institution:

Sau Po Centre on Ageing, The University of Hong Kong

Our Aims

By collaborating with international experts and aligning with international standards, we aim to create:

  • Multi-dimensional screening tool to identify the unmet needs of caregivers

  • Integrated multi-disciplinary care professional support ecosystem for capability building

  • Novel multi-component evidence-based interventions for targeted caregiver supports

  • Empowered caregivers with supportive neighborhood at district level

Our Scope

District-based caregiver support units will be operated by our community partners with services, based on the aforementioned output and guided by Logic Model, targeting to support the caregivers alongside with their community-dwelling care recipients:

  • The planned mode will include 9 designated centres established exclusively for this project and shared venues in the form of “satellite service points” operated by other community partners to ensure more complete geographical coverage within the territory.

  • On-line platform (including but not limited to Self-help eTool kits and eCoaching functionalities) will be created and deployed with effective research and data strategy with close collaboration with various stakeholders throughout the project.

  • Multi-site, multi-disciplinary, multi-phase randomised controlled trials and a design-based natural experiment to support the development of screening-guided multi-component interventions for optimizing the caregiving trajectory.

Our Team

(Affiliation: The University of Hong Kong)

Principle Investigator


Prof. LOU Weiqun, Vivian

Professor, Department of Social Work and Social Administration

Director, Sau Po Centre on Ageing

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Dr. CHAN Wai Sze

Assistant Professor,

Department of Psychology

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Dr. QUAN Jianchao

Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Public Health,

LKS Faculty of Medicine

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Prof. CHANDOLA Tarani

Department of Sociology

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Prof. LUM Yat Sang, Terry

Professor / Henry G. Leong Professor in Social Work and Social Administration,

Department of Social Work and Social Administration

Associate Director, Sau Po Centre on Ageing

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Significance and Outcomes

Concocting  the “M-I-N-E” framework in Hong Kong to:

  • Create Scalable and Impactful District-based caregiver support-units project

  • Pioneer screening-guided risk-based caregiver support interventions in Asia

  • Enhance caregivers’ well-being holistically using responsive strategy

  • Drive a sustainable and cost-effective triage caregiver service delivery model to inform future policy

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Project duration

The proposed project will last for 3 years, starting from February 2023.

Community Partners:

Caritas - Hong Kong

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centres

Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Lady MacLehose Centre

Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association

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