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Development and Applications of Daily-use Fall Risk Assessment Device to Prevent Elderly People from Falling

Instructions for the balance sensor

The balance sensor is a device for assessing the risk of falling for older adults. It looks like a home-use body weighing scale. By stepping on it and standing still for a couple of minutes, the dynamic force distributions on the person’s feet will be measured. The measurement data will be processed by on-board microprocessor to conclude an assessment of the risk of falling. The results will be presented numerically and qualitively, and displayed on the device or/and announced in voice. As options, the assessment results can be recorded or transmitted to designated places via Internet.

Product Use Procedures

Using the Balance Sensor is simple and straightforward. Just follow these easy steps:


(1) Step onto the sensor

Place the Balance Sensor on a flat, even surface. Step onto the sensor with bare feet, ensuring that your entire foot is in contact with the device.

(2) Stand still with open/closed eyes

Stand still and maintain your balance for a couple of minutes. The Balance Sensor will measure the dynamic force distribution on your feet during this time.

(3) Receive the assessment

The on-board microprocessor will process the measurement data and provide a risk assessment, presented both numerically and qualitatively.

(4) Optional features

 Optionally, the assessment results can be recorded for future reference or transmitted to designated places via the Internet, allowing family members and healthcare professionals to monitor the elderly's health and well-being remotely.

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